Multipurpose Studio, Visual, Music, Logan Square

Hello All

Beginning August I will have studio space available for multipurpose use. For seven years we have lived and worked here, and now most of the tenants are moving on so we have the exciting chance to reshape and repopulate this house that has been home to hard working musicians and artists. We rent the first and second floors of a house on Fullerton Ave between Western and Milwaukee Avenues. The first floor is all studio space. Up for rent is a private room with great wall space. The room can and has been multipurposed, all are welcome to inquire, be it for music, visual and other productions. Aside from the room itself, which is high-ceilinged and perfect for those who have multiple projects happening at once or work large-scale (the previous two artists worked large-scale drawing and paintings, see there is also a good sized anteroom in the studio for storage. There was a flat file system there previously and can be arranged again if need be. You are welcome to make modifications to the room to better suit your work as well.

These photos are of the studio as it is today, the current artist is moving out of town and will empty the room. Just to give you an idea of what kind of room is available.

It is an honor to be a part of this house and I look forward to seeing how things take form in the coming months. Hear from you soon.

Price is $400 per month, I'd prefer of course longer stays, six months plus, but no contract is necessary. 



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Available Hours: 
24 hours
Heating/Air Cond
Floor Types/Surfaces: 
Hardwood Floor
Floor Dimensions: 
28' x 17'
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