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TRQPiTECA is a Chicago-based artist duo and production company creating space for local and international artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics to experiment and thrive. Since 2015, co-founders La Spacer (Natalie Murillo) and cqqchifruit (Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero) have curated this cultural platform as an intersection between art, queer culture, and dance music, with the intention of fostering creative engagement with the diverse communities of which we are a part. Over the 3.5 years of TRQPITECA’s existence, we have worked with over 125 performance artists, visual artists, guest DJs, and curators from around Chicago and the world. TRQPITECA has been featured at events such as open engagement 2017, rolling stone’s art basel miami live, ruido fest, activate with chicago loop alliance, mana chicago professional miami residency, as220 pride (providence),  and more!

TRQPITECA is currently organizing ICUQTS: International Chicago Undergound Queer Transcendance Symposium, that will take place September 28-30, 2018. ICUQTS is an interdisciplinary festival in Chicago celebrating creative cultural engagement with local and international queer communities through exhibition and curation of art installations, performance art, live music, workshops, panel discussions, community organizations, and vendors. Applications for artists and vendors can be found at


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