Volunteer Event Planning Committee | Lucky Plush Productions

Lucky Plush Productions, an award winning non-profit Chicago Dance Theater company, is looking for motivated, creative and engaged volunteers to serve on our Special Events Committee for 2018-2019. Duties will include:

  • Helping to plan, design, and implement fund raising events for the season
  • Planning, designing and implementing Plucky Lush 2018, the company‚Äôs main fund raising event taking place at the Harris Theater on April 27th
  • Securing donations of goods and services for our fundraising and auction events (including, but not limited to, gift baskets, travel tickets, admissions to events, gift certificates, gift cards, luxury items and admission to events)
  • Communicate with company administrators on event progress and provide reports
  • Conduct research on successful events, identify potential event opportunities and promote events to the public.
Skills & Qualifications: 


  • Must be self-directed, innovative and willing to work collaboratively with the company administrators, company members, fellow volunteers and other stake holders
  • Must have excellent communication and time management skills
  • Ability to create and nurture productive business relationships with donors to the event
  • Possess excellent organizational skills
  • Must be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to supervise multiple stake holders during an event with good humor and a positive attitude
To Apply: 

To apply, please send a resume and statement of interest to Patrick at patrick@luckyplush.com
Thank you for your interest in #TeamPlush!

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Patrick Burns
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