Asst. Stage Manager

Jackalope is looking for an Asst. Stage Manager for our upcoming show DUTCH MASTERS, currently in rehearsals.

New York City, 1992. Summer. In NYC’s hazy pre-Giuliani, pre-cellphone, pre-Metrocard days, two young men meet in a chance encounter on an uptown D train, chatting hoops, hip-hop, and history. Over the course of one afternoon, fear, guilt, and longing allow one young man to take the other to a place neither even imagined possible.


by Greg Keller

directed by Wardell Julius Clark

Tech: Feb. 17th-23rd
Final Dress: Feb. 25th
Previews: Feb. 26th-28th, Mar. 2nd & Mar. 4th
Opening: Mar. 5th
Closing: April 6th

All rehearsals, tech and performances will be at Broadway Armory Park, 5917 N Broadway St. in Edgewater.

To Apply: 

Please submit resume to Danielle Stack at

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Danielle Stack