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Submitted by MartinJon on Sat, 11/03/2018 - 7:23am

I am an artist and writer who is looking to contract an assistant. The core of my creative work has moved me into the mindfulness/healing arena. I have developed a healing modality called Portrait Facilitation in which I paint portraits of people and work with them to better see themselves. This facilitation work is based around a method of seeing the world as a representation of ourselves. I call this way of seeing The Portrait Method. It's the core of a book I am currently shopping around to literary agents and publishers. Open-mindedness is essential for working with me and the things I am working on. 

Seeing as I am querying Literary Agents, the person I am looking for is someone who can research and complete queries with assets that are already in place.

Of course, there is an aspect of this job that will have to do with increasing brand awareness. These will be collaborative efforts and have as much to do with brainstorming ideas as contributing/creating content. These include such things as attracting people to... 

  • follow me on Instagram
  • attend lectures or workshops
  • sign up for newsletters
  • other ways of building platform

I also have workshops coming up in which having an assistant there, although not necessary, may prove helpful. 


75% or more of your time will be spent in front of a computer. 

  • Organizing query letters
  • Researching literary agents/publishers
  • Finding and connecting with peers online
  • Finding blogs and publications and submitting writings/excerpts
  • Organizing collected data in Google sheets 

This is a work from home position. We will check in every day you work to go over what needs to be done and prioritize that as needed. I am flexible in allowing you either the freedom to work extremely independently or with more guidelines, however you are best suited which we will learn over time. I am most interested in moving our work forward to spread the message of the Portrait Method and the work I am doing. Hearing how you think we can best do that, and involve your ideas in what we are doing, is important to me as well. 

Living in Chicago is not 100% necessary for this position.

WAGE: 15 hours a week at $14/hr - after the first three months that rate will go to $15/hr 

HOURS: The times you work are flexible unless we have an event. During weeks in which an event is scheduled the hours this person will work may exceed 15.

Skills & Qualifications: 

I am looking for someone who is looking to be more self-directed. I like to allow those I work with space to understand how they best work and to try and work together to get the most out of the time we work together. Communication is very important. Although it is not necessary to have experience in any specific web-based tools it is very important for whoever I hire to be able to talk with people and represent me online. That may be in Social Media arenas as well as in communicating with venues, other business owners and/or clients. Professionalism in emails and a general attention for details while communicating is very important.

This person will have to proof read documents, fliers and communications.   

Google suite (Drive, Docs, Sheet)




High level of communication skills, especially in a professional setting


Experience in the following is not required but would be considered a plus

Spanish speaking




Google Ads

Marketing/Sales experience

To Apply: 

Email resume and a brief introduction to yourself and why this job, and my work, interests you.  

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