This is an open artist call for the second annual Chicago Youth Art Exhibition! This is a great opportunity for any artist ages 12-25 who live in chicago! Since this is an open call, your submission will be accepted and your art will be put into the gallery as long as you submit the application and pay the one time $7 fee! 


It is a not for profit exhibit that was formed by a young chicago artist FOR young chicago artists! Please spread the word and do not hesitate to apply! 




Requirements: You must be currently living in Chicago (does not include Chicago suburbs)

     -You must be 13-25 years of age in order to apply.

     -You must pay the $7 application fee to be accepted. (Venmo, paypal or quickpay)

   Note: This is an open art call, your art will be shown in the exhibition as long as you are eligible!


Name: _____________________________________          Age: ________


Address (will not be shared, only to verify you live in Chicago): ______________________________________________________________________________


Phone number: ____________________________   email: ______________________________


School you attend (optional): ____________________________________________


I understand that I am responsible for paying the $7 application fee in order for my art to be admitted into the show. I also understand that this is a not-for-profit organized event and that I receive all profit gained from my artwork if it is sold.


Signature: ___________________    






You may submit up to 2 physical pieces of work, or 5 pieces of digital work. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate films/ performance art.


Title: __________________________________      Medium: ________________________


Dimensions: __________________________           (Please include a photo)


Price: __________ (You do not have to sell your art if you do not want to).




All applications must be digitally submitted through email. You can fill out and then send a picture or a scan of the form to  or  you can find an online PDF at

Basic Info
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Deadline or Post Expiration: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Contact Information
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Isabella Kurkulis
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Chicago  Illinois  60614
United States