Dearest: New Podcast Seeking Submissions

Introducing Dearest: An Anonymous Letter Podcast

There’s a letter you’ve never sent, maybe never written.

A confession, a reminder, a summary, a memory. 
A fan letter, some venting, a story you don’t want forgotten. 
Some closure, something opening. 
Something you’ve told them many times before, something you’ve never said out loud.

Dearest is a new podcast that sends your letter for you. Totally anonymous, we’ll collect your words and hear what they sound like out loud, performed from start to finish. To get started, we need your letters!

We have three simple rules:

1. Write it to someone: The person sitting next to you, the one who isn’t here anymore. Former boss, childhood pet, half-sister, future father-in-law, living or dead, whatever. Someone in your life who means something to you.
2. Keep it anonymous: No names, nowhere.
3. No hate mail: We’ll help you get something off your chest, but we won’t accept offensive or hateful language.

Dearest will be bi-weekly, launching this summer. Visit our page, send us your letter at or email us at

Have questions? Ask away! Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr @dearestpodcast to keep up to date with our progress. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Basic Info
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Monday, December 31, 2018
Accepting submissions throughout production/run of podcast
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Dearest Podcast
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Chicago  Illinois  60647
United States