Call for Public Art: Olive-Harvey College Public Art Project, Chicago

This public art commission is open to all professional artists, artisans, or artist-led teams that LIVE AND WORK IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

The City Colleges of Chicago is building the state-of-the art 103,000 square foot facility to house all of its TDL programs.

While using high-tech tools, work in the fields of transportation, distribution, and logistics involves finding simple and elegant solutions for the complex movement of humans and objects through time and space. In addition, the members of the Olive-Harvey community move temporally and spatially through their lives and along their educational and career paths as they pass through the TDL Center.

The Committee is seeking artwork that acknowledges these spatial and temporal journeys and honors the importance of TDL work as it touches and enhances the lives of every Illinois citizen. While the art will be housed in a semi-industrial setting the Committee does not want to be limited by the industrial arts in theme or execution. In order for the piece to be durable, safe, and cost effective to maintain, media selections will be limited to non-porous materials such as plastics, metals, glass, stone, wood, brick, and tile. Soft permeable materials such as textiles and paper are not suitable for the environment.

An approximately 225’ long corridor is the central pathway that links all elements of the building. Natural light will flood the area from clerestory windows and will change throughout the day and with the seasons. The artwork will not only be experienced by those walking along the corridor but also by those who will see it from classrooms and offices on the second floor. The artwork will be located in and along this light-filled space that will greet and usher the Olive-Harvey community through the building. The entry area and entire second-floor space of the north wall of the corridor are potential sites for artwork.

The budget for the project is $149,500.00.

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Friday, August 31, 2018
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Art-in-Architecture Coordinator
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Wm.G. Stratton Building, FL 3
401 S. Spring St
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