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Halfway There

Using the mid-year review to assess the state of your art

Well everyone it was a great and extremely hot summer, and unfortunately it’s coming to an end. Your band has played at a music fest or two, you’ve sold some art at a few craft fairs or your film premiered at a film festival, all and all it has been a very busy and very productive summer.

Benjamin van Loon

Why I started a small publishing business in an age of economic turmoil

The short answer of why I started Anobium, an independent publishing venture, is because I was anxious. Anxiety is a predecessor to boredom, and I wasn't ready to give up so easily as that. It was the fall of 2010.

Understanding Privacy and Publicity Rights in Illinois: What Artists Need to Know

By: Robert L. Margolis, Robinson Curley & Clayton, P.C.

This guide is intended to give a brief overview of Illinois law on the subjects of the rights of privacy and publicity and how those rights impact the work of artists in this State. This guide is not designed to be a comprehensive statement of the law or how it may be applied in any particular case and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Every situation has its own particular elements. If legal advice is required, consult with a competent attorney.

Selling Tickets with a Positive Twist

Chicago storefront theaters experiment with dynamic pricing

In recent years, dynamic pricing has become an increasingly common practice at large performing arts organizations such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and in those contexts it has proven to be very successful. As the example of Theatre Wit shows, this practice is now also making its way into smaller storefront theaters around Chicago.