Social Media Marketing

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the professional benefits of various social media platforms for your creative business.
  • Brand yourself on social media.
  • Implement actionable tactics for using social media not only for marketing and growth, but also competitive research.
  • Keep a pulse on how the creative community is successfully using social media, so that ideas can be applied accordingly to your own creative brand.
  • Create content that facilitates SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increases influence and thought leadership, and proactively grows audience.
  • Measure your social media efforts on various platforms and identify areas of improvement and opportunity.


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Presenter:  Sue Koch is Chief Navigator, Social Media Strategist, Coach and Speaker at Soaring Solutions.

The series is funded in part by grants from The Coleman Foundation, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the Illinois Arts Council Agency, as well as a CityArtsGrant from the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

Survival Guide is produced by Chicago Artists Coalition for Chicago Artists Resource.

Developing Your Brand

Establishing an Online Identity

  • What is online identity?
  • The importance of consistency
  • Components to plan for
  • Visual vs. voice


Brand Statement 

  • Who you are
  • Your target audience
  • Desired audience experience


Visual Brand on Social Media

  • The importance of logo
  • Visuals for social media
  • Tools
  • Resources for image creation


Brand Voice

  • Identify your voice
  • Components of brand voice
  • Use of consistent online voice


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Building a Social Media Presence

Online Profiles

  • Deciding which channels to use
  • Components of a complete profile
  • Search engine optimizing your profiles


Linking Profiles

  • What does it mean to link social profiles?
  • How to cross link social profiles
  • Examples of linking profiles



  • What is a hashtag?
  • How are they used?
  • How does hashtag use differ across social channels?


Additional Resources

Social Platforms and Newsletters

Social Channels 101

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter



  • Permissions
  • Language
  • Links 


Additional Resources

Developing a Social Media Strategy


  • Using the 80/20 rule
  • Things to post
  • Best practices
  • Becoming a brand evangelist


Planning Social Media

  • The benefits of an editorial calendar
  • Content to include
  • Consistency & frequency of social media posting
  • When to post


Business vs. Personal

  • Best practices
  • Benefits of business accounts
  • Leveraging your personal accounts


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Creating Content for Social Media

Visual Media in Posts

  • Types of visual media
  • Benefits of visual media
  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Best practices


Copyright vs. Fair Use

  • Typical copyright issues in social media
  • Finding creative commons material
  • Basic tips in legal use of content
  • Protecting your own creative works


Additional Resources

Audience Growth and Engagement

Growing Audience

  • What it means to grow audience
  • Tips for organic growth on various sites



  • Advertising vs. organic growth
  • Etiquette in growing audience


Using Social Media at Live Events

  • How live events can grow your online presence
  • Tips to prepare for your online event
  • Using social media at your live event to grow audience
  • Post-event follow-up


Online Engagement Strategies

  • The importance of engagement
  • Ways to get people involved
  • Tactics in social media posts to get more reach


Varying Audience

  • Audience variation by social profile
  • Catering content to audience
  • Keeping up with change


Additional Resources

Search Engine Optimization


  • What is SEO?
  • Ways SEO has changed
  • Social media impact on SEO


Tips for SEO

  • How to optimize social media profiles
  • Key components of profiles for optimization


Additional Resources


Competitive Research

  • Using social media for competitive research
  • Using analytics to monitor competition


Audience Research

  • Where is your audience online?
  • Understand what engages them
  • Implement from listening


Additional Resources


Measuring Success

  • Vanity metrics vs. success metrics
  • Free metrics available for social media profiles



  • Strategy components
  • Using metrics to shift course
  • What is ROI?
  • How do you identify ROI?


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