Open Call for Locust Project's 20/20

Deadline for Submission May 31, 2018

As part of our 20th anniversary season, Locust Projects is organizing a new show celebrating our roots in experimentation. Over a consecutive twenty-hour time span, twenty artists will each be provided a one-hour temporary exhibition.  The event will take place in the Project Room at Locust Projects and be viewable from the garage door opening. The space will be divided into two 6’ x 6’ chambers allowing one artist to set up in a concealed environment while another is presenting their work. Each project will be unveiled on the hour and will be recorded on video. After the artist’s hour-long window is over, the projects will be reinstalled in our Main Gallery.

We are looking for proposals for new work in any form that could be presented within the one-hour window in the 6’ by 6’ chamber and be represented within the larger exhibition space. As part of Locust Projects’ commitment to artist experimentation, we encourage artists to explore new forms and media outside of their traditional practice.  Additionally we are committed to  supporting new site specific works by artists of any practice.

Proposals should include a detailed description describing the one-hour exhibition in addition to how the work will be reinstalled in the main space. Each selected proposal will receive a

$500 production budget and $220 will be offered to artists as a W.A.G.E. fee for their artistic labor and for artists selected from 150 miles beyond Miami, $300 scholarship will be offered to offset travel and any other costs they may incur for their participation

Find out more about the exhibition and application process at the link below.