Open Call for Exhibition at Manifest Gallery

Deadline for Submissions on August 3, 2018

This exhibition calls for any form of visual art or design which is NOT photo-based but which does address or explore the theme of ARCHIVES. (Photo-based works addressing the them may be submitted here.)

Commonly defined as an accumulation of records or the place they are located archives contain primary source documents that have been accumulated over the course of a particular span of time, and are kept (or presented) to show the function or history of a particular person, idea, or phenomena. This competitive exhibit calls for works in any media or form (excluding the photographic) which address this theme in some way.

ARCHIVES invites artists to consider the meaning of the concepts 'primary source, preservation, collective data, accumulation, time, history, reflection, and so on' as they consider the wide variability of potential for works fitting into or addressing the overarching theme. These may be in ways that are quite straightforward, or which are abstract, fragmented, or in other ways surprising or significantly interpreted. We are eager to see just how artists make work in any non-photo-based media or genre (painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and non-traditional art, etc.) which in some way addresses the theme of ARCHIVES.
Find out more about the application process and submission guidelines at the link below.