2018-2019 Residencies @ Chicago Art Department

Deadline to Apply on July 8, 2018

What is at the core of an artist’s practice? What matters to artists when working on a project, exhibition, or residency? How can artists focus efforts to have greater success, and make a difference? These questions drive a new residency program at CAD starting…now!

Chicago Art Department is excited to announce the Core Residency Program. This pilot program represents an ambitious intervention in the field, one that will challenge our community of artists, organizers, cultural producers, and makers to lead studio work, exhibitions, and public programs to tackle topics that matter.

Each of CAD’s Core Residencies will come with the challenge of exploring inside a specific topic, and will be fully-funded with stipends and budgets to support professional development. Core Stipends will be $2000 per residency, which will include $500 to specifically support professional development enrolling in outside programs at organizations such as Hyde Park Art Center, Lillstreet Art Center, Spudnik Press, and Chicago Artists Coalition, or other organizations/programs that support professional development. For questions about this program or the applications, please email CAD General Manager Carris Adams at carris@chicagoartdepartment.org.

Find out more about the residencies and application process at the link below.